Senior Representative Application

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Plum Portraits Senior Representative Team you have come to the right place! Please grab a parent/guardian & read through the team details. From there if it all sounds fab to you, fill out the c/o 2022 application at the bottom of this page! The application deadline is March 8th, 2021.


What the heck even is a senior rep you might ask?? Well, in short, a senior representative is kind of like a spokesmodel. As a Plum Portraits senior rep you would get to hang out with me + the other reps and have a blast taking tons of insta-worthy photos. Then all you have to do is post those lovely pics, spread the word to all your friends, & smile from ear to ear when people gawk over your gorgeous/handsome little face! Sounds pretty easy (AND FUN) right?? If you think so, keep reading for more details.


Are you ready to hop in front of the camera & strike your best pose? Being a Plum Portraits Senior Rep means you aren't afraid to open up a little, show off your style, be a bit silly, & push yourself to succeed. I am looking for reps that are fun-loving, outgoing, active in their community & school, driven, and reliable. Please don't ever think that I am only looking for individuals with a certain "model" look. Beauty comes in many shapes & forms, and we are all uniquely beautiful! This being said, I do try to fill my team with a diverse group of individuals, that are (or would like to be MORE!!!) comfortable in their own skin, and whose lovely personality radiates out of them through every photo. 




Being a Plum Portraits Senior Rep is a commitment. I treat my rep team very much like a school team or club. Throughout the year there will be a several things I ask of you. A contract will be signed once you are selected as a member & I will maintain the right to remove you from the team if you fail to comply. 

Senior Rep Rules + Requirements:

  • Must be a current high school Junior in the Warrick or Vanderburgh school corporations. 

  • Must have an active Instagram account that reflects the values of my business - NO photos involving partying, alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. NO excessive swearing (even I say a naughty word here & there, but nothing excessive). Bullying/putting down others will NOT be tolerated.

  • Must follow & tag @plumportraitsnewburgh in all posts. Minimum of 5 posts/stories per semester is required.

  • Must be willing to post at least ONE digital ad on your insta. 

  • Must always represent Plum Portraits in a positive manner. By joining the Rep Team, you are becoming a member of the Plum Portraits team. 

  • Must maintain a 2.5 or higher GPA. If you can't keep up with your grades, you don't have time for extra activities!

  • Must remain loyal to Plum Portraits until June 1st, 2022. Modeling, representing, or booking senior photos with other professional photographers is not permitted. **This excludes school sanctioned portraits. OR if you are currently signed with a modeling agency - if so please let me know.

  • Photoshoot attire must be approved. Inappropriate language, graphics, & clothing items are not permitted. 

  • Must be willing to allow Plum Portraits full creative ownership over photos & use of photos for marketing/social media purposes.

  • Photos may NEVER be altered in any way! This includes cropping (excluding circumstances where it is unavoidable such as Instagram's crop ratio), filters, teeth whitening, skin smoothing, making black & white, etc. You will receive fully edited color + black&white digital photos. If you have any issues with your photos or feel like you wish to alter them in some way please ask.

  • Must be available for one team meet-up, two group photoshoots, one styled individual shoot, and one two hour senior session.


You might be wondering what all is included in the Plum Portraits Senior Rep experience & I don't blame you! Here's a rundown of included services.

  • Two full team photoshoots. One will be to get team headshots & group photos - this shoot will include professional makeup! And one outdoors in the fall that will have a super fun theme. You will receive 5+ individual high resolution digitals and 5+ group high resolution digitals from each of these group photoshoots.

  • One 1-hour stylized individual shoot. You and I will work together to design a custom, styled photoshoot, but I will reserve full creative control over shoot location & details.  You will receive 15+ high resolution digital images.  Full hair + makeup is included for this shoot!

  • One 2-hour senior session. You pick locations + up to 4 outfits. You will receive 50+ high resolution digital images. Additional hours and hair + makeup can be added for an additional cost.

  • Full print + digital rights are included with all digital images you receive. Professional print credits are available for purchase or prints can be purchased a'la carte. You will all receive a discount code for 20% off your print orders.

  • A chance to make new friends, build self-confidence, be creative & have a lot of fun!


Monetary commitment

It is a $500 commitment to be a member of the Plum Portraits Senior Rep Team. While this may seem like a big investment - it is important to invest in your senior photos. Not only are you getting fab photos, but a much more involved senior portrait experience. This investment is a $1,500+ value. A non-refundable 25% deposit is due upon being selected to the team and the rest can be split into payments but is due in full by your 2-hour senior session date. Any questions about payments or the financial commitment? Shoot me an email at rachel@plumportraits.online.      

Time commitment

Here are the dates you will need to put on your calendar.

April 18th, 2021 - Team meet-up, this will be held at an outdoor location or virtually - MANDATORY

May 2nd, 2021 - Team headshot shoot, this will be held at a large indoor studio - MANDATORY

November 14th, 2021 - Team creative group shoot, this will be held at an outdoor location - MANDATORY

December 12th, 2021 - Christmas get together - optional but FUN!

April 24th, 2022 - Final Goodbye Party - optional but necessary (:

If you know you already have conflicting events with any of the mandatory dates please let me know. This does NOT mean you can't be a rep. If too many applicants have conflicts I will adjust dates accordingly.


Once you have read all the senior rep info, filled out your application with a parent, and submitted it I will reach out to you & a parent via email to set up a short FaceTime interview! I know this may sound scary, but I promise it will be super laid back & fun! I will just go through your application with you, ask you a few questions (just easy stuff like, what's your favorite food I swear!!), and get to know you a little bit. After I have made my final decisions I will reach out to everyone individually with the news. I will never divulge who applied & who was not selected, that information will always remain 100% confidential. 



The absolute WORST part of choosing my senior rep team is the fact that I can't take everyone! I absolutely wish I could but unfortunately I can only accept 8 team members this year. I will be choosing the 8 applicants that I believe would be the best fit for my team. I want to make a strong point that if I do not choose you, it is NOT because you weren't good looking enough, special enough, popular enough, etc. YOU ARE ENOUGH. I just have to make some tough decisions just as any coach, director, or manager must do when choosing between applicants. I will reach out to each applicant personally to let them know whether they have been selected or not by March 22rd, 2021. Applicants' names & information will always remain completely confidential. 

If you applied to be a representative and were not selected you will receive 25% off any senior session(s) you book with me!! Even if I am unfortunately not able to work with you as a rep I would still love to get to know you & capture your beautiful soul + smile. **Offer good for serious applicants only.

Please contact rachel@plumportraits.online with any questions regarding the Senior Rep Team.